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Cloud Lake Hurricane/Storm Damage Claim Denial

If your home or commercial property has been damaged by a hurricane or any other kind of serious storm, your life has likely been upended in surprising ways. In order to get back on your feet and help your family continue to move forward, you need to obtain the compensation to which you’re entitled. If your insurance company is throwing up roadblocks by stalling the settlement process or by denying your claim outright, however, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Cloud Lake, FL hurricane/storm damage claim denial lawyer on your side.

Storm Damage Claims Are Complicated

Having your home damaged in a storm can cause your life to become chaotic, but to make matters more difficult, obtaining an adequate settlement offer from the insurance provider involved is often extremely complicated. You’ll be faced with complex decisions and complicated issues, and the claim information you provide is critical to your ability to move forward toward obtaining a settlement. In other words, the insurance process is likely to be long and arduous. It’s important, however, to recognize that a claim denial is not the final word and that a Cloud Lake hurricane/storm damage claim denial lawyer can help.

You Have a Loss, What Now?

If you’ve suffered a loss in a hurricane or any other serious storm, the first order of business is locating your insurance policy, which could amount to one or multiple policies that cover flood, wind damage, and/or all risk peril. If the damage caused by the storm precludes you from locating your insurance policies, call your agent and ask for copies – don’t forget to record the name of your insurance company, your policy number, and the insurance company’s phone number.

Your insurance policy provides you with a roadmap regarding what is covered, how much coverage you have, and what you need to do in order to be compensated. Your next step is to report your losses to the insurance company or companies involved by contacting your agent(s). Your agent will inform you if any further reporting needs to take place, such as notifying the special claims reporting department.

What Should I Include in My Report?

When you report to your insurance agent, he or she will want to know all of the following:

  • What caused your property to be damaged (high winds, flooding, hail, fire, or whatever else applies).
  • When the damage happened.
  • A general description of the damage your home or other property suffered

While all of this may seem very straightforward, the fact is that insurance policies are notoriously complicated – and precise – and a misstatement on your part could be the difference between a claim denial and moving forward with processing your claim. Your claim is too important not to work closely with a knowledgeable hurricane/storm claim denial lawyer.

What Are My Next Steps?

If your property has been damaged in a storm or hurricane, you have an obligation to – and it’s in your best interest to – take reasonable steps to help prevent further damage to your home or commercial property. For example, if your roof has been damaged, securing a tarp over the affected area can help protect your home and its contents from further damage. Most insurance policies will ultimately reimburse you for your mitigation efforts.

Documenting Your Damage

Another important component of protecting your claim is documenting the damage your property has sustained. This typically includes:

  • Taking detailed pictures and videos of all the damage on your property (inside and out) from every conceivable angle
  • Obtaining estimates for the repair work and/or replacements required
  • Itemizing property damage to your personal possessions
  • Documenting and keeping the receipts for everything you spend on repairing, replacing, and/or doing anything else necessary to protect and preserve your property

An Experienced Hurricane and Storm Damage Claim Denial Lawyer Can Help

If your home has been damaged in a storm or hurricane, it’s difficult. If your insurance claim has been denied, it’s more difficult still. The dedicated Cloud Lake hurricane/storm damage claim denial lawyers at The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, PA, are committed to aggressively advocating for the compensation you need to fully repair your home and get back to the business of living. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us today.